In 1998, Cross and Crown, Inc. was founded by Bob and Betsy Luoto. Bob had served as Vice President and co-owner of Luoto Logging, Inc. since 1976. Cross and Crown, Inc. is based on the Christian principles of honesty and integrity. We work primarily in the northwest region of the State of Oregon with our office located in Carlton, Oregon. Our company’s mission is:

  • To provide highly trained professionals in the fields of logging, cutting, trucking and sustainable forest management to our customers.
  • To provide good family wage jobs.
  • To provide a safe and productive work environment for all of our employees.
  • To serve as leaders and spokespeople for the forest industry.
  • To further educate the public in forest science and research about forest management throughout the United States.

Bob Luoto is a past president of both Associated Oregon Loggers and the American Loggers Council. He has also been AOL's Logger of the Year. Bob currently serves on the Board of Directors as Board Chairman for the Sustainable Forestry Initiative- (or, SFI). He is also on the Logger Code Committee for Oregon OSHA. Bob's wife, Betsy, has served as chairwoman of Log a Load for Kids at both the state and national levels. Log A Load for Kids is a national sponsor of Children's Miracle Network. Betsy also developed the Teacher of the Year award for teachers who taught all aspects of sound forestry in the middle school and high school levels. Bob and Betsy have lobbied many times for the forest industry in Washington, D.C. and have been spokespersons for the industry statewide and nationally. In 2005, Bob and Betsy were joined by their son, Kirk, as Vice President of the company. Kirk graduated from Oregon State University with a major in Speech Communication and a minor in Forest Management. Like his father, Kirk has a passion for the industry and desires to not only grow the company, but also to be an active part in helping to keep the logging industry healthy, thriving, and better understood. Both Kirk and his wife, Jenna, have taken positions within the AOL organization to begin their involvement and to help make needed changes for future generations within the logging industry at both a state and national levels.

Cross and Crown, Inc. has also participated in several media opportunities in the last couple years, recognizing the importance of educating people on the industry in a real life, honest way. In 2007 they participated in an episode of Discovery HD's hit show, Risk Takers, and in 2012 they were featured on an episode of the new sereis, Richard Hammond’s Crash Cours,e on the BBC American. Bob and Kirk were also chosen to represent the Oregon Forest Resoureces Institute (OFRI) in their 2011 commercial campaign, as well as a second campaoign for the organiztion in 2014. They believe that reaching out to younger generations and participating in current media outlet is helping to educate the average American about what the logging industry truly offers and what they stand for. They believe in the importance of supporting the industry and educating and defending what they truly stand for, despite misconceptions being marketed by so many outlets.