Private and Commercial Logging

Cross & Crown, Inc. provides logging services from the forest to the mill. We have experience in thinning, selective cutting, and final harvest. We also provide services in land clearing and reforestation. The years of experience Bob and Kirk have had in this field have made us highly proficient in marketing our timber and getting the best price for our product. Our experience has allowed us to cut out the middle man and market private timber in house, providing the greatest benefit to the land owner. We are connected with and work for many of the sawmills, pole yards and export operations in our region. Our company has over 35 years of experience in providing these services and will provide the landowner with the best equipment and operators of any logging contractor in the state. We have foresters on staff who can answer any question that you have involving management of your forest land and timber.


Buying/Selling Land

Cross and Crown, Inc. assists in buying and selling timberland by helping land owners and buyers evaluate their land and timber. We can help to contact interested buyers and other people that might have an interest in purchasing your property. Again, our long term standing in the industry allows us to have extensive connections and insight into where the market is at and who is interested.